A Wedding for Two at Kupu Kupu Koh Phangan


Some couples long to escape, to elope… Escape to a tropical island, escape from the pressures of everyday life, escape to their own perfect Wedding for Two.  Vera and Silvester got married at Kupu Kupu Koh Phangan, and I was fortunate enough to be their wedding photographer.  Vera looked like a spellbinding vision out of Shakespearean legend, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – which indeed this intimate wedding for two certainly was.

wedding_photographer_kupu_kupu_koh_phangan_thailandVera & Silvester’s sense of quirkiness became apparent as I photographed them during their wedding preparations – with both bride and groom-to-be donning identical wedding shoes!  Later, when Vera’s wedding skirts flowed around her, her Tatiana like presence shone out from her yellow hair and flower hair piece.  A dazzling bride of almost ethereal quality, and a handsome groom to betroth her love to…

wedding_photographer_kupu_kupu_koh_phangan_thailandIt was a fairytale wedding to photograph.  Some wonderful atmospheric couple photography was a main feature of this wedding for two.  There are many iconic shots – which as a photographer, it was my mission to capture – never mind the dangers!  I fell on the rocks, bruising my knee and damaging my phone.  All in a hard days’ work as an intrepid wedding photographer at Kupu Kupu Koh Phangan!

Silvester said to me later, “The pictures you showed us this morning were just awesome.  You left us speechless.  When Vera and I talked about you taking the pictures, we wondered about your frequent comments (compliments) of ‘brilliant’.  Now we know what you mean!  The photographs are really a piece of art.  Probably a few hundred pieces of art.”

Here is Silvester’s testimonial in full:  “We were lucky enough to find Tristan from Koh Photography and arranged for him to be our wedding photographer at Kupu Kupu, Koh Phangan, Thailand.  It couldn’t have been any better for us.

Coming from Europe and getting married during a South-East Asian Roundtrip doesn’t leave a lot of room for planning.  Nevertheless, we are German – we like it somewhat planned and organised.  But this mustn’t limit the emotions of this very special day… ”

“Tristan found this perfect balance.  He was well prepared when we arrived at the resort a day before the ceremony.  We looked at some photographic locations around Kupu Kupu Koh Phangan and got to know each other.  The atmosphere he created with his assistant at that first meeting made us feel very comfortable about having made the right decision.

This might be one of the key factors of his success.  At the wedding ceremony, he arrived early for some pictures before the ceremony.  I’d also like to say we also really appreciated his presence there, relieving some of our nervousness, just by his uncomplicated hands-on attitude paired with his creativity.

There are some great shots, not only of dress and rings, but also the extraordinary: the groom’s shirt, bowtie, suspenders – and especially the pictures he took of us getting ready are some of the perfect memories – looking at these photographs bring back all the emotion and excitement from our wedding day.”


“During the ceremony Tristan was pretty much invisible and left this very special moment just to us.  To me, it’s somewhat a miracle how he got these perfect pictures, which on the one hand capture the beauty of the entire scenery, and which, on the other hand, are so focused and full of these vibrant emotions – amazing.

As you’d expect, the real performance of a photographer starts after the ceremony, at the dedicated photography session.  We also need to give some credits to the location, but Tristan is the one who’s been able to preserve this day for the rest of our lives.  He found perfect locations and continued this perfection, with his balance of leading us with his ideas and letting us enjoy the day with our own actions.

The result show exactly this mix: we are ‘as we are’ in the pictures and looking at them feels like travelling back in time, but for others the pictures might look as if we are professional actors (we are not: we are working in Finance and studying law).  Tristan went above and beyond any expectations we had for our intimate wedding photography.”

“We were so impressed by this cocktail of planning ahead and impromptu moments, spiced with his personality which instantly made us feel comfortable.  His photography proves this beyond doubt.

You can imagine how eager our families were to see some pictures – and Tristan continued his professionalism after the wedding.  He sent three pictures almost immediately.  As we packed up our backpacks to continue our roundtrip a day later, he even managed to stop by in the morning to show us the first edit before we left.

Stunning, amazing, awesome, there are hardly words to describe this.  He sent us on our honeymoon, knowing that we had done the right thing, trusting the right person to keep these memories forever.  We can hardly express our thanks to Tristan enough.”


“Only reason I could ever think, not to choose Koh Photography and Tristan, is that everybody will envy you for your beautiful wedding pictures.  Wishing you all the best, Silvester & Vera.”

wedding_photographer_kupu_kupu_koh_phangan_thailandWonderful words from Silvester, adding to this humble photographer’s satisfaction at the results of these iconic wedding photographs!  If you are looking for a Koh Phangan wedding photographer in Thailand, then please don’t hesitate toget in touch.

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